What we offer

We offer an easy way to add strata to your business to increase your sales listings and property management. OutSourced Strata is the complete strata management solution. You simply do what you do best: meet with clients and manage repairs and maintenance.

Admin Team
Hate paperwork?

Our team does all the admin for you. We upload and manage your strata documents and your scheme’s finance and insurance. We produce all the required reports. What’s more, you can also provide your strata clients with online 24/7 access.

Know strata?

Our online learning platform provides the courses to get you ready to work in strata. Online training means you can learn when it suits you:

How to run an AGM.
How to win your next building.
How to use our Admin hub.

How to turn owners into clients?

The key to using strata management to drive listings and additional property management is regular contact and promotion of your services. We provide customer relationship management (CRM) and download templates.

Expert Advisory
Curly questions?

We know the legislation and we're standing by to provide you the back-up when those questions come. We have an expert team at the end of the telephone to guide you and support you.

What are others saying?

“We can now provide a full realty service to clients. We not only manage the strata but can let their property or list and sell it.”

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