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Business case modelling – how it works:

You're a real estate agent. You want a business case for adding strata management to your business?
Other real estate agents like you have used the financial modelling below to assess the benefits of strata to their company.
This calculator replicates some of the processes required. It allows you to model your agency, to input your actual data and run scenarios and sensitivities on that data.

Disclaimer: The information, data and modelling contained in this sheet are created by you for your own purposes. We accept no liability for the Business Case Modelling you perform, errors or alterations in the calculator we have provided, or the outcomes. While the example data and outcome is based on publicly available industry data you should verify the same as such data changes regularly. As with any business decision you are advised to seek independent accounting and professional advice.
Data sources: Macquarie Bank 2014 Residential Real Estate Benchmarking Report. Macquarie Bank 2013 Strata Management Best Practice Benchmarking Report.

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