What’s your point of difference in strata?

You offer a complete real estate service – body corporate management, property management and sales

Why strata management?

Your unit owner customers have access to the industry-leading, award-winning online technology and an expert team that you’ve partnered with.

(with OutSourced Strata)
Strata competitors

The OutSourced Strata difference

24/7 access to all their records – financial records, case management (repairs and maintenance), event management records (meetings) and documents in one secure online system for their property.

Access to accurate and detailed information – they always know what’s happening, agendas, minutes, reports all in one place, when the next meeting is scheduled and what will be discussed.

They know where their money is being spent – automatically send invoices and quotes for approval, we send complete financial reports monthly, they have 24/7 access to their full financial accounts.


They can have control of the work – they can use their preferred local trades people, plus a comprehensive list of local trades as alternatives.


You return calls promptly – plus you provide access 24/7 to all their records, and proactively keep them informed of what’s happening. No more waiting.


No more surprises – easy tracking of cases in real time, see the status at a glance, past and present, that affect their investment.


Your team includes our strata experts (some of whom have been doing this for more than 30 years).


Your difference?

You’re local – just around the corner.


You’ve been local for (insert years).


You know the local real estate market.

You can fulfil a complete range of real estate needs, not only body corporate management but sales and property management too.

The OutSourced Strata advantage


OutSourced Strata allows you to manage more buildings than the average strata manager.
This means you focus on relationship building and being proactive – something your competitors don’t do.
You will want to visit the building, talk to owners and understand their real estate needs, not just strata but property management and sales.